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This week's specials and Korean week

Hi all,

Happy end of financial year, and we hope all your tax receipts are in good shape.

At the Elpho, we’re all ready to hit the ground running for another week of dining action, and here’s what’s on the specials board this week:

• Moroccan lamb curry $24.50; • House-made chicken Kiev $25.50; • Port spare ribs with house-made barbecue sauce $25.50; and • Stir-fry teriyaki tofu (vegan) $20.50.

Quite the quartet, hey?

KOREAN WEEK: JULY 8-12 현대, LG 및 강남 스타일을 제공하는 나라에서 식사를 할 준비가 되셨습니까?

Translation: Are you ready for some dining action from the country that has brought us Hyundai, LG and Gangnam Style?

Of course you are, so that’s why Korean cuisine will be the first one that we highlight in our new themed dining weeks, the first one which will be held from July 8-12.

The dishes on the Korean menu will be:

• Sweet and sticky Korean prawns with steam rice; • Bulgogi – Korean barbecue beef • Dakgangjeong – sweet crispy Korean fried chicken; and • Vegan bibimbap with crispy tofu.

In August, Mexican food will take centre stage.

Bookings in our restaurant are essential, so give us a call on 5473 3165. We offer dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great week.


Mark and Mel

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