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Theme weeks are back! Next stop, Thailand

Hi all,

Now that we’re back into the swings of things, it’s time to reintroduce our theme menu weeks. Last time around, Korean fare got a look in before Covid-19 shenanigans scuppered any further plans, but we’ve regrouped and now taking you on a journey to try out the beautiful mouth-watering tastes of Thailand.

It’s one of the most popular cuisines worldwide, and with good reason as the combination of Eastern and Western influences makes for some irresistible dishes.

From October 14-18 (Wednesday until Sunday), we’ll be offering the following to our dining-in customers:

• Thai vegetable red curry; • Thai green chicken curry; • Thai beef and vegetable stir fry; and • Seafood Pad Thai.

I’ll take one of each, please! I’d also love to offer a really authentic Thai experience, such as cooking eggs in a hot spring, but the Elpho backyard isn’t quite up to working temperature at this stage...

If you’d like to join us for the theme week, bookings are essential as we’re still juggling a maximum of 20 patrons inside at any one time. Give us a call on 5473 3165, email or contact us through our social channels.

Bookings are not required if you want to dine outside, and hopefully conditions will be palatable to soak up the rays.

NORMAL MENU ALONGSIDE THAI – AND SOME TWEAKS, TOO We’ll also continue with our normal brunch/lunch/dinner menu during the theme week, including all our pub favourites. We’ve tweaked the menus a little bit, too, and you can read and/or download them here:

BUT THIS WEEK FIRST! We’re getting a little excited, as we’ve still got to get through this week. And don’t forget, we’re now doing lunch and all-day brunch on Friday as well.

Hope you have a great week,

Mel and Mark

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