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Special effort

Hi all,

After two weeks of curries, we're returning to a more multi-disciplined specials board next week (November 25-29).

The dishes will be as follows:

• Crumbed pork chops with grilled pineapple; • Rosemary-infused lamp rump with a cranberry sauce and sweet potato mash; • Lemon and honey chicken breast; and • Garlic prawns with rice.

The specials, in addition to our normal expansive menu, will be available across all our dining sittings -- lunch from Thursday to Sunday and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday.

To book, call 5473 3165, email or send us a message through our social channels.

The following week (December 2-6), our parma specials will be returning, including all the favourites such as red hot prawn and the Tex-Mex.

Thanks a lot,

Mark and Mel

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