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Love of your Local, new regs and theme weeks

Hi all,

What a week we’ve just had at the Elpho! Takeaway was going strong, and the resumption of in-house dining has been nothing short of spectacular with our new chef, Garry, delivering the goods with his trick new combi oven! Thank you for the support – it’s been magnificent chatting to so many of you.

Please remember to give us a call on 5473 3165 to make a restaurant booking, and leave a message if we don’t answer (which is mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays when the hotel is closed). We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

As we’re limited by the number of patrons who can dine at any one time – at least until the one person per four square metre rule is relaxed – it’s best to book to avoid disappointment.

What’s on the radar this week?

As well as the new menu (images attached), the specials will be:

• Rigatoni marinara; • Rib eye steak with pepper, mushroom or seafood sauce; • Roast lamb infused with fresh rosemary; and • Pea and roasted cauliflower quinoa pilaf (vegan).


Love of Your Local kicking off For all those who purchased beer vouchers in CUB’s ‘Love of your Local’ campaign, which was designed to help out hotels during the pandemic, now’s the time to start redeeming!

We’ll be all ready for you, but please note that redemptions can only occur in conjunction with a meal until the end of this week.

From next week, patrons will be able to drink alcohol at the Elpho without having a meal – but it will be a table service affair until further notice. There will also be a limit on numbers. Yep, it’s a series of small steps back to normal trading!

Takeaway now on weekdays only We’re now only offering takeaway from Wednesday to Friday, with orders via the normal means: the website or by giving us a call.

Theme weeks Starting in July, we’ll be introducing theme weeks to showcase cuisine from around the globe. They will be in the second week of every month, and we’re starting off with Korean (July 8-12) and the following dishes:

• Spicy Korean pork stir fry; • Bulgogi – Korean BBQ beef; • Dakgangjeong – sweet crispy Korean fried chicken; and • Vegan bibimbap with crispy tofu.

I reckon Kim Jong-Un’s favourite dish would be the fried chicken…

The theme weeks will be on top of the normal menu. If you’re keen to make an early booking for your Korean fix give us a call!

Have a great week,

Mark and Mel

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