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American theme starts December 9

A reminder about our upcoming American theme week. From December 9-17, we’ll be offering the following American-inspired dishes on top of our normal menu:

• Sticky American-style pork ribs. Marinated and double roasted; • Cowboy steak (400-450gm rib eye). Sweet herb crusted, topped with grilled mushrooms and onions. Your choice of sides: fries, coleslaw, collard greens and/or corn on the cob; • Double cheeseburger with American mustard and ketchup; and • New Orleans-style gumbo. Hearty rice dish with vegetables, shrimp, chorizo and chicken.

Feel free to gnaw away at the ribs using your digits – we have ordered up big on napkins! And there are 4000 toothpicks in stock.

But don’t be like this bloke:

For lunch and/or dinner bookings, tel 5473 3165, email or send us a note through our social channels. If you leave a phone message, I’ll get back to you on Wednesday.

BAR STOOLS RETURNING! With Covid-19 restrictions eased even further, our bar stools and stands will be returning to active duty this week, and patrons can also stand freely in the pub instead of being required to remain seated to engage in hearty dialogue. The mandatory use of masks has also been eased, but if you’d like to continue using one that’s entirely a personal choice.

Thanks a lot,

Mel and Mark

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