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June 3: Elpho restaurant reopens!

After a tick over two months in takeaway mode only, we’ll finally be able to reopen our restaurant on Wednesday, June 3 – with an all-new menu, too!

Under stage one of the reopening, we’ll be allowed to seat 22 customers across our three separate dining areas before that figure is increased on June 22.

What days will the restaurant be open? The restaurant will be open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Next week, we still have a few spots available for Wednesday and Thursday (June 3-4) dinner, and then from Friday (June 5) we’ll be introducing two separate dinner sittings: the first one from 5:30-7:00pm, and the second from 7:15pm.

Those two sittings will remain in place for all dinner services until at least the further easing of restrictions on June 22.

Lunch will run from 11:30am-2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Do I need to make a booking? Bookings are essential for both the lunch and dinner services by calling us on 5473 3165.

What Covid-19 measures are in place? All restaurant customers will be required to log their details (name, address and phone number) when they enter the hotel, and the maximum number of people allowed on a single table is six. So, for example, a booking of nine will have to sit across two separate tables, which will be 1.5 metres apart. Thank you for your understanding on those measures.

We’ll also be following rigid hygiene protocols, such as spraying you down from head to toe with our commerical-grade sanitiser. Just joking – but there will be plenty of sanitiser in the building.

Will the bar be open? Not in the traditional sense: the beer taps will be cranked up again, but only for table service in the restaurant. We’re still awaiting a timeline on when full bar service will resume.

What about the new dining in menu?

Plenty of options for all taste buds, from traditional pub fare to a bevy of gluten friendly, vegan and vegetarian dishes. And winter-warmer desserts to bookend proceedings!

The menu has been prepared by our new chef, Garry, who is a wily veteran of the restaurant industry. He’s a great chap, too, and we hope you’ll get to meet him over the coming weeks and months.

Will takeaway continue? It sure will, which also means dinner from Wednesday until Saturday, and then lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Visit to view the menu and order online, or call 5473 3165. We encourage online orders if possible and, if you’re nervous about paying on-line, you can do it when you arrive.

That’s about it! Please give us a call if you’d like to make a booking in the restaurant, remembering that we’ll be introducing two sittings from next Friday: 5:30-7:00pm, and then the second one from 7:15pm.

Mark and Mel

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